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San Jose workplace electrical injury attorneyElectrical injuries occur when someone comes in direct contact with an electrical current. The current passes through the body, potentially damaging, skin, bones, organs, muscles, and nerves. Injuries involving electricity come from a variety of sources, yet the most prevalent cases are job-related. If you have sustained injuries while working on a job site, you are entitled to workers’ compensation, and you may also be able to recover damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Electrical Injury Statistics

The most current data regarding electrical injuries comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which indicates that there were nearly 6,000 fatalities due to electrocution and over 24,000 non-fatal electrical injuries between the years of 1992 and 2013. Statistics also show that:


San Jose workplace injury attorneyIf you are injured while at work, your employer probably carries workers’ compensation coverage to help you pay for your medical expenses. But, what happens if the benefits offered to you by your workplace does not cover all of the costs associated with the injury?

Workers’ compensation is primarily intended to help employees cover their medical bills and recover their lost wages, but the amount of compensation an injured person receives can vary dramatically. Payouts under workers’ compensation are usually calculated based on the employer’s compensation policy and severity of the injury in question. However, there are some circumstances in which the employer or a third party can be sued, which, as you might expect, depends on the circumstances of each case. An experienced attorney can help you understand your options.

Third-Party Negligence


San Jose workplace injury attorneysEvery day, thousands of workers across the country suffer injuries in the course of doing their jobs. Most such injuries are fairly minor—sprains, strains, scratches, paper cuts, etc. Some, obviously, are significantly more serious, such as those involving falls from heights, dangerous machinery, and exposure to harmful substances. One might assume that such accidents and injuries occur in spite of the heavy emphasis placed on worker safety by most companies, but several recent studies suggest that keeping workers safe may not be the highest priority in many workplaces.

Tasks Over Safety

In May 2017, the National Safety Council released the results of a study in which 2,000 workers from more than 20 different industries were surveyed. Each participant was employed by a company with at least 30 employees. The study sought to gauge workers’ attitudes regarding workplace safety and the level to which the workers adhere to safety protocols. More than one-third of the study’s participants (36 percent) somewhat agreed or strongly agreed with the idea that “safety takes a back seat to completing job tasks.”


California workplace fatality lawyersWorkplace fatalities have been steadily rising for the past three years now, but with a nearly seven percent increase from 2015 to 2016, rates are the higher than they have been in nearly 10 years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports. With possible budget cuts on the horizon, the federally funded agency is concerned that these rates will continue to rise – and that there will be little they can do to stop it. Thankfully, workers can learn how to protect themselves from a fatality while on the job. Learn more in the following sections.

Work-Related Motor Vehicle Crashes

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Job Fatality Report for 2016 revealed several disturbing workplace fatality trends. Those related to work-related motor vehicle accidents were far from alarming, considering the general increase of car crashes throughout the country, but that does not make them any less concerning. Found to be the direct cause of one in four workplace deaths and even more nonfatal injuries, this trend is likely to continue unless it is appropriately addressed by employers, safety advocates, and the government alike.


San Jose work injury attorneysEach year, millions of drivers experience an auto accident. Most of them are everyday road users – people going to their doctor, driving home from work, or making a trip to the grocery store – but some are driving for their employer. How are these accidents different in terms of compensation, and how can an attorney increase your chances of a full and fair settlement after a work-related crash?

Workers’ Compensation and Work-Related Auto Accidents

Employees who are involved in an accident while “on the clock” are typically entitled to workers’ compensation through their employer’s insurance. There are some conditions that must be met, however. First, the driver must be an employee of the company, not an independent contractor. Second, the employer must have workers’ compensation. Lastly, the employee must have been performing a duty for the employer or actively “on the clock,” meaning the driver is being paid for his or her time behind the wheel.


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