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San Jose work injury attorneysStatistics indicate that some 17,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury each year. Sadly, there is no cure, so most of them suffer from lifelong disability and complications. Science is trying to mitigate at least some of that damage with a biodegradable nanoparticle injection. Learn more about this experimental treatment, including how it works and how long it might take to become mainstream, with help from the following information.

Injection Prevents Secondary Inflammation

When a spinal injury occurs, blood cells that would not normally make their way into the spinal column flood to the site of injury. Here, they release inflammatory cytokines – toxins that further damage the central nervous system and cause widespread neuronal cell death. The secondary scarring then prohibits healing.


San Jose workplace injury lawyersMen, on the whole, suffer far more work-related injuries and fatalities than women. The reality is that men comprise a larger percentage of the labor force in particularly dangerous occupations such as construction, logging, and mining. Women, however, can certainly be injured or killed while on the job, and females are especially at risk for certain types of injuries.  If you are a working woman, it is important to minimize the likelihood of on-the-job injuries whenever possible.

Overexertion and Strain Injuries

In certain industries, there is often pressure placed on female workers to “keep up” with their male counterparts and associates. As a result, women may feel obligated to “prove themselves” in as physical manner. Unfortunately, lifting or carrying more than a person can safely handle is a common cause of injuries such as muscle strains and back sprains. In severe cases, a worker can even suffer permanent tissue and joint damage.


San Jose workplace accident lawyersWhile there are many occupations that present a variety of dangers to workers, longshoremen and those who work on the docks of harbors and ports encounter a unique combination of workplace hazards. Dock workers must deal with irregular schedules, long hours, tight deadlines, and slippery surfaces. In addition, they are often moving massive shipping containers using large-scale cranes and other machines that can be deadly if they are not utilized properly.

There is one danger, however, that is often overlooked. Many ships that come in and out of port carry hazardous and flammable chemicals, and leaks can prove to be disastrous. Such was nearly the case at the Port of Long Beach last month when almost a dozen dock workers were exposed to a harmful substance.

Quick Response


California work injury attorneysWorkers who are injured on the job may be at risk for a loss in wages, injury-induced poverty, and even disability. Sadly, though, the risk may be even higher for undocumented immigrants. At risk of being deported, and possibly even at risk of non-payment through the workers’ compensation system, they are encouraged to seek added protection before filing a claim. Learn where you can find this assistance and how it may help with your work injury case.

Deportation, Unpaid Expenses, and Criminal Charges

Across the country, undocumented immigrants are facing serious consequences for filing a legitimate claim. Though injured at work, their medical expenses and losses go unpaid. Some are even forced to pay back the funds the allegedly “stole.” Others face criminal charges, deportation, and may even be separated from their families.


California wrongful death lawyersBaby boomers are enjoying longer and healthier lives, which means they can work well past the standard retirement age of 65. Some choose to do so because they would rather work than stay home. Others feel they need more time to build their nest egg. Unfortunately, all are considered to have an increased risk of workplace fatality. Learn why this is and what options you may have if someone you love has been killed in a work-related accident.

A Closer Look at the Statistics

In an analysis of federal statistics, the Associated Press found that nearly 35 percent of all workplace fatalities involved a person over the age of 55. Even more disturbing is the significant rise in fatal work injuries among this group. While, overall, workplace fatalities have decreased by 22 percent since 2006, older workers had a slight increase in their overall fatality rate during that same time-period. They are also 50 to 65 percent more likely to experience fatality after a work injury than their younger working counterparts. Why is this happening, and can anything be done to stop it? Perhaps, but that requires a closer look at the true cause of most work-related deaths and injuries – employer negligence.


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